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Aug 14,  · How much is the iPhone 2g worth now? Discussion in 'iPhone' started by stupid people these days they could buy a new iphone 3gs for that price but some people want a phone without mms video recording and slow phone poor battery life i dont want talk on how u could do all of this with jailbreak to start just saying how your buying a phone. Looking to trade in your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? We break down how much your handset will get you at Amazon, Gazelle, Walmart and others. As good a phone as the iPhone 6s has been, this handset Author: Don Reisinger. Aug 13,  · The relative age of your handset is also a key factor. Don't expect to get much at all for your old iPhone 5, although models within the last three years that are in decent condition can still.

Is the Apple iPhone 4S still worth in ? Should you buy it?

Subscribe for regular MacRumors news and future iPhones info. InApple is expected to continue offering iPhones in multiple sizes and at multiple price points to how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019 customers with choice. We're expecting a similar lineup inperhaps with a continuation of both the iPhone XS and XR devices, with rumors suggesting we'll see 5. Given that naming is up in the air, we're going to be referring to the upcoming iPhones as the " iPhones" for now.

Rumors about the iPhones started before the iPhone XS and XR were even announced, and we've heard quite a few details on what we can expect.

Design wise, the iPhone lineup will look similar to the iPhone lineup, but Apple may be planning to use a new matte glass design for the back of the 5. The 6. The new iPhones may be about a half a millimeter thicker. The new iPhones are said to be made from a shatter-resistant glass that will better hold up to drops, and water resistance may be significantly improved.

Chip upgrades typically bring improved performance and efficiency, and the A13 will be no different. Apple is also adding a new "AMX" or "matrix" co-processor that will handle some of the math-heavy computing tasks.

Dummy models said to be accurate representations of what the iPhones will look like. Rumors suggest the next-generation 6, how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019. Renderings, leaked dummies, schematics, and other rumors indicate Apple the three lenses will be arranged in triangle configuration, necessitating a large, square-shaped rear camera bump.

All three iPhones are expected to use this square camera bump design. A triple-lens camera setup has the potential to include benefits like better 3D sensing for augmented reality purposes, 3x optical zoom capabilities, up from 2x optical zoom in the iPhones, and better performance in low light.

Rumors suggest Apple will add greatly improved video taking capabilities to the new iPhones, allowing for retouching, effects, cropping, and more in real-time while video is being captured. Apple is planning on a revamped True Depth camera system that uses improved components that can better detect faces from all angles, but there will be no design changes to the notch and it appears it will remain the same size as the notch on the iPhones.

All three of the front-facing cameras in the iPhones are expected to be 12 megapixels, up from 7 megapixels in the models. A dummy model depicting the iPhone XS Max. Apple eliminated 3D Touch in the iPhone XR, replacing it with a new Haptic Touch feature, and rumors have suggested the same thing could happen in the iPhone lineup, with 3D Touch set to be removed, as suggested in multiple rumors.

Bigger batteries are expected, perhaps to accommodate the new camera technology, so battery life could be somewhat extended. Rumors suggest we're going to see faster WiFi thanks to the adoption of WiFi 6 and LTE speeds, and we're also expecting the new iPhone models to feature a bilateral wireless charging feature that will let them wirelessly charge other smartphones and devices that support wireless charging like the AirPods.

Apple will livestream the event and MacRumors will have live coverage both on MacRumors. Ahead of every new iPhone release, we often see dummy models, which are the culmination of part leaks, leaked schematics, rumors, and other information gleaned from Apple's supply chain. Dummy models are often an accurate representation of what we can expect from new iPhone models because they're designed for case makers.

There's big money in being one of the first companies out with a case for a new iPhone, which is why a lot of careful work goes into dummy models. We got our hands on some dummy models for the three upcoming iPhones expected inhow much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019, which give the clearest look yet on the likely design of the iPhone lineup.

In a nutshell, the iPhones will look almost identical to the iPhones, with the exception of the larger rear camera setups that will accommodate new and improved cameras, including triple-lens cameras on the iPhone XS and XS Max successors and a dual-lens camera on the iPhone XR successor.

One thing to note: rumors suggest that the camera lenses in these iPhones will be flush with the camera bump rather than protruding a bit as depicted in these dummy models, how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019, so expect the finalized versions of the iPhones to look more polished, refined and elegant at launch.

Otherwise, the design is the same with few physical changes to differentiate the iPhone lineup from the iPhone lineup, though we may see new finishes and colors not depicted in these models. Below, we also have other part leaks and renderings that led to the creation of these dummy models. Renders of the 5. The current iPhone XS, for example, measures in at The larger 6.

In the case of the next-generation 6. Design wise, the iPhones look nearly identical to the current-generation iPhones, with the exception of wide square-shaped camera bump at the rear housing three lenses in a triangular configuration.

The rear panel of the two devices is said to be made from a single pane how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019 glass, a design meant to minimize the camera bump.

There may also be a redesigned mute switch that's circular in shape rather than pill-shaped, but otherwise, there are no other design changes. Rumors have suggested Apple is has considered two possible prototype designs for the triple-lens camera, including the square-shaped camera bump seen above, and a more mainstream-looking rear camera in a horizontal layout with a flash located around the middle of the three lenses.

Recent information seems to suggest Apple has decided on using the square-shaped camera bump that arranges the three lenses in a triangular shape. An alleged schematic for one of the iPhone models appears to depict cutouts for a triple-lens camera arranged in an offset manner that would require a square-shaped camera bump. It's not clear if this is an accurate schematic, but it is in line with other leaked triple-lens camera renderings.

An image of an alleged rear chassis for one of the iPhone models surfaced on Chinese social networking site Weibo in April, appearing to depict cutouts how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019 a triple-lens camera setup. It's not clear which iPhone the component belongs to, but rumors have suggested that it's the 5.

Case maker molds allegedly designed to create cases for two of the iPhone models surfaced in April. The molds both feature triple-lens camera arrangements in a square shape, suggesting these could be molds for the 5. The front looks similar in design to the current iPhone models.

Being the first to have iPhone cases available when new devices are released can be a lucrative business, and case makers often start designing cases well ahead of when iPhones are released. To create cases for unreleased devices, accessory makers rely on leaked data obtained from Apple's supply chain. We here at MacRumors got our hands on some cases created for the iPhones, with designs based on rumors suggesting a triple-lens camera setup for the next-generation iPhone XS and XS Max.

The case design features a large square camera cutout to to accommodate the triple-lens camera design, which is arranged in an offset triangle shape. In our testing, these cases fit the current iPhones perfectly with the exception of the new camera cutouts, as beyond camera tweaks, we're not expecting any major design changes. The iPhone lineup will look quite a lot like the iPhone lineup, but in addition to camera changes, Apple may also be planning a new frosted glass design for its OLED devices and new colors for the iPhone XR successor.

Rumors have suggested the new iPhones could be a tad bit thicker than the current models, but that's not noticeable with the cases and is such a small change that it may be imperceptible in real life. There are also some adjustments to button placement, so the buttons could be moved a bit. CAD renders said to be of the upcoming iPhone XS and XS Max leaked in Julyoffering up a look at the same design that we've seen in case leaks, renders, and other rumors. CAD images are often claimed to be official designs leaked from production factories and are used by case makers to create cases for devices ahead of their launch.

Renders of the next-generation iPhone XR feature a device that looks like current iPhone XR, but how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019 a dual-lens camera setup in a square bump that's similar to the square-shaped bump rumored for the next-generation iPhone XS and XS Max. The renders are based on rumors and leaks that have circulated about the new 6, how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019.

Other than the dual cameras, the device in the renders looks like the iPhone XR with the same colorful body and thicker bezels around the display.

It's said to measure in at The next-generation iPhone XR could potentially come in lavender and greenwith Apple replacing the coral and blue shades with the new colors. Pieces of glass said to represent the new colors that are coming leaked in May, and we created a mockup of the colors we can expect based on that image.

CAD images of the iPhone XR leaked in Julyproviding a look at the same design that's been spotted in renders and highlighted in rumors. As mentioned above, CAD images are often used for case creation. Leaked photos said to feature the logic board for one of the upcoming iPhones surfaced in July The logic board is presumably for the successor to the iPhone XR given its rectangular design. The layout and the circuitry on the board look different than the current iPhone XR logic board, but as just one side of the board is printed, no specific information can be gleaned from the leaked images.

With the jump to the "X" name, it's difficult to predict what Apple will call the iPhones. Apple's iPhone names for the last 11 years are below:. Apple could opt to go with an entirely different name like it did with the iPhone X, and because Apple uses codenames for development, the company's naming schemes often remain unknown until right before new devices launch. With no clear picture of what Apple plans to name the devices that will launch inwe will refer to them as the " iPhones" until we get a clearer picture of the company's naming intentions.

One rumor has suggested that at least one iPhone coming in will be feature "Pro" in its name, such as the "iPhone 11 Pro. The info comes from a Twitter account that is known to have leaked accurate information in the past.

If correct, it's not known what Apple will name the other iPhones set to be sold alongside the "Pro" iPhone. The iPhone lineup is expected to look similar to the iPhone lineup, with a 5. Major design changes are not expected, but How much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019 is rumored to be planning to use a new frosted or matte glass for the rear of the iPhone XS and XS Max successors, how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019, which would be similar to Google's Pixel lineup.

A matte glass design will allow Apple to distinguish the iPhones from the iPhones. The next-generation iPhone XR is expected to look similar to the current model without matte glass.

Bloomberg says upcoming iPhones will feature a new shatter-resistant glass that's said to hold up better when dropped, and "dramatically enhanced water resistance" is expected. The new iPhones could be able to be submerged in water "far longer" than the current 30 minute limit. While there will be few design differences, to accommodate new cameras, the iPhones may be about a half a millimeter thicker.

The next-generation iPhone XR may come in new colors, with rumors suggesting Apple will replace the blue and coral colors with new lavender and green shades.

A sketchy rumor said to be from a Foxconn worker in China suggests the upcoming iPhones will not feature the labeling "iPhone" underneath the Apple logo on the device. The same source suggests the new iPhones will be available in a new dark green shade. There's no way to verify these claims, so the information could be inaccurate. The Apple logo on the iPhones will actually be centered on the back of the device, a change designed to let users know where to place AirPods or an Apple Watch for charging purposes using the new bilateral charging feature.

In prior devices, the logo was more towards the top of the iPhone. Apple is said to be how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019 for an all OLED lineup at some point in the future, but it's not looking like that's going to happen in Apple's iPhones could potentially be thinner and lighter due to the adoption of Samsung-designed OLED display technology called Y-OCTA, which integrates the touchscreen layer into the display panel.

Given that the display panel is already a thin component, it's not clear how much thickness reduction we'll see, but apple is likely to use the technology due to its lower cost. Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis, how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019, who has a somewhat mixed track record, has suggested that all iPhones will do away with 3D Touch.

Apple did eliminate 3D Touch in the lower-priced 6. Bloomberg has also confirmed reports that Apple is eliminating 3D Touch and instead replacing it with Haptic Touch, which offers similar functionality but with a long press.

In iOS 13, how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019, Apple implemented a feature that lets a long press on devices without 3D Touch mimic the function of a 3D Touch such as peeking at links or using a 3D Touch to see app details on the Home screenwhich perhaps suggests that Apple is now designing iOS with a non-3D Touch future in mind.

TSMC will be the sole supplier of the next-generation "A13" ships that will be used in the iPhone lineup, and iPhones coming in the future. Along with faster A13 processors, the new iPhones are expected to include a new "AMX" or "matrix" co-processor that Bloomberg says will help handle math-heavy tasks to help with computer vision and augmented reality features.

The A13 chip in the next-generation iPhone XR features 6 cores, presumably with two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019 like the A


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how much are iphone 3gs worth now 2019


Jun 18,  · Is the Apple iPhone 4S still worth in ? Should you buy it? The question remains, Is the Apple iPhone 4s worth buying in or not? Continue reading to know if Author: Lalit Wadhwa. Looking to trade in your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? We break down how much your handset will get you at Amazon, Gazelle, Walmart and others. As good a phone as the iPhone 6s has been, this handset Author: Don Reisinger. Aug 30,  · Design wise, the iPhone lineup will look similar to the iPhone lineup, but Apple may be planning to use a new matte glass design for the back of the and inch devices, which is.